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New Moon

Shamanic Workshop

LED BY Krista Katrovas; B.A., M.F.A., E RYT

Sat. May 20, 2:00-5:00PM

($27 admission, sliding scale if needed )

This event is ceremonial; live drumming will accompany the shaman practitioner’s verbal guidance of participants, through an altered state of consciousness, into the upper and lower realms where they may interact with the spirit world. In these states the shaman “journeys” to levels of awareness from which s/he may retrieve information regarding healing. The goal: internal and external harmony and balance. 
What to bring:
--a journal and writing instrument
--eye pillow or bandana
--comfortable clothes
--favorite pillow and/or blanket
--chocolate (to share)
 What to read (not mandatory but recommended):
The Way of the Shaman- Michael Harner
Cave and Cosmos- Michael Harner Sweet Healing: A Whole Health Journey!



First and third Wednesday of every month 6-7PM
($3-$5 suggested donation)
Mindfulness is the capacity to be alert and open to each moment of our lives in a non-reactive, resilient and compassionate manner. 
Instead of unconsciously reacting to life, based on past habits and conditioning, we learn to respond to life experiences with greater acceptance, curiosity, kindness, and joy. Mindfulness is a clinically proven method to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and improves resilience, creativity, and interpersonal relationships. 
Everyone is welcome to attend, from beginner to advanced student, whenever your schedule permits. Our class in August will provide instruction in mindful breathing practice as describe below:
1. Recognize: recognize you were thinking; your mind has wandered or there is tension.
2. Release: release the thoughts and emotions, they aren't even yours. Let go, expand your mind.
3. Relax: relax any tension, tightness, or thoughts out of your body. Fully relax. It takes just a few seconds.
4. ReSmile: Feel a full-body smile, smiling with your belly, chest, mouth, shoulders..Smile gently, allow yourself to play.
5. Return: return to your object of meditation; your breath, your body, your contemplation, etc.
6. Repeat: repeat this simple process anytime mind wanders or tension begins in body or head or when a hindrance arises. Repeat the relaxing, reSmiling, returning, etc... as often as necessary in a sitting, so one remains relaxed, detached, and at ease in their sitting. 
Mindfulness Guide: Eric Nelson began teaching mindfulness in 1986. He is the owner of Stress Management Solutions since 2012, which provides training to increase health, well-being, resilience, compassion and productivity. Eric has an MA in Organizational Communication from WMU and completed Mindfulness Teacher Training through the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Eric worked as a Program Officer at the Fetzer Institute for over 22 years where he developed and managed programs in Mind-Body Medicine, Contemplative Science, Interfaith Dialogue, and Transformational Leadership.

Mind, Body, and Soul Yoga

LEAD BY Jessica M. Grosel  MSW, CYT 500 

Fridays  5:30 - 6:45 pm 
$10 - $15 suggested donation
(no session first Friday of every month)

​​All levels class.  This class focuses on the two goals of yoga according to Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras.  The goals are: 1) To reduce your suffering.  2)  To join you with your true Self, which is your truth.  We will use mantra, movement, and meditation.  Bring your own mat if you have it, and a blanket or cushion to sit on.  Some mats, blankets, and cushions are provided.
Jessica’s study of yoga and meditation started in 2000 and she began teaching them in 2009. Jessica is a graduate of Karina Mirsky’s Sangha Yoga 200 and 500 Hour Teacher Trainings. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Social Work both from Western Michigan University. Her classes provide a non-judgmental atmosphere where she shares her knowledge of Tantric Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Martial Arts, and Psychology to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Jessica’s passion for yoga includes safe sequencing, teaching modifications for all body types, yogic experience, or injuries, presenting the energetic effect of sattva (feeling calm, balanced, and centered), offering gentle yoga, beginner yoga, restorative yoga, immunity boosting, stress reduction, and meditation. Jessica is available to teach workshops, retreats, corporate classes, group classes, and private sessions.

Sung Ritual

LEAD BY Hearth and grove fellowship​​

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month through 2017.  6:30 PM

(Free Event)

​Over several years the remnant of the choir and interested new voices created an original sung ritual format for New Moons, and later Full Moons as well. We've had two months off; it's time to start off again with new life for our New Moons in a new place.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO THINK OF YOURSELF AS A SINGER FOR THIS! Energy and willingness to participate is enough. Though come to think of it a few extra drums wouldn't hurt :-) New voices are welcome. We'll begin with the format and chants that some of us know and expect creative evolution over time.We will gather at 6:30 to learn the chants we use in the ritual and probably sing a few extra Pagan classics. Circle will be cast at 7:00. Expect the ritual to last about an hour.

We sing one group intention for healing and one round of energy raising for people's personal work. 

For more information please message Hearth and Grove Fellowship or call (269) 254-3619.​

Wheel Group Meetings

Group discussion on Spiritual topics

(Free Admission, all meetings start at 7 PM)

The Wheel group meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at New Moon, 7pm. The Wheel is based on sacred wheels of many cultures and honors all light based paths. It is an opportunity to come together to learn and heal. Topics vary from Shamanic work, ceremonial magic, healing the spirit, paganism, shamanic journey work, drumming, and pretty much encompasses anything that the group desires to learn. 




Full Moon Rituals 2017


(Free Admission, all ritual start at 9 PM)

Drawing from traditions that range from Thelemic, to Alexandrian, and even Cultus Sabbati, MoonFire's Re DuVernay has crafted an Esbat that all can enjoy. This full moon ritual both celebrates our Goddess and calls her blessings forth for all who attend. Please bring a charm, candle, or token to be charged with your intent and blessed by the Goddess. All are welcome that attend in perfect love, perfect trust, and of their own free will. The following are dates for 2017 rituals. All begin at 9 PM:                       ​​​​​​
Friday February 10th 
Friday March 10th 
Friday April 7th
Friday May 5th 

Friday June 9th 
Friday July 7th 
Friday August 4th 
Friday September 1st 
Friday October 6th 
Friday November 3rd
Friday December 1st